About us.

Information technology (IT) is the foundation of an efficient working environment and plays a central role as a catalyst for digital transformation. It aims to reduce the burden on the workforce and to optimise and accelerate business processes. It makes a decisive contribution to business success through customised IT strategies and services. However, factors such as limited human resources, a lack of IT expertise or a complex landscape of different service providers can affect IT operations and thus become an obstacle.

As a managed service provider, SBIT AG is the competent IT partner for medium-sized companies in Germany. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT services as well as a wide range of modular service options. It is up to you to decide on the scope of our co-operation. We take on areas such as consulting, development and management of IT projects, support your internal IT department with our Managed IT Services or take over your IT processes completely. Our experts develop customised solutions that meet your specific needs and are implemented in a modern, future-proof IT infrastructure.

With a presence throughout Germany, particularly in Frankfurt/Offenbach, Munich and Berlin, our experienced 60-strong IT team guarantees a personalised and fast service for over 150 medium-sized customers. We attach great importance to the continuous training of our specialists and always strive for certified excellence in our field of activity. Our long-standing, certified partnerships underline our commitment to quality and expertise:

  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Dell Platinum Partner
  • Lenovo Gold Partner
  • VMware Enterprise Partner
  • Fortinet Gold Partner
  • Sophos Gold Partner
  • Swyx Silver Partner

These awards vouch for the professional realisation and support of your IT projects and systems by SBIT AG.


To I.T., or not to I.T.

  • We are IT freaks

    We love IT and demonstrate our passion through our daily work with customers.

  • We are IT partners

    We give our customers a sense of confidence and security with our personal support.

  • We are IT consultants

    We give our customers strategic, proactive and sustainable advice.

  • We are IT visionaries

    We keep our eye on the market and offer our customers modern, future-oriented technologies.

  • We are IT pros

    We invest in further education and certifications, and we offer impressive solutions.

Team Spirit.

  • Barney
    Security Officer
  • Mohammad Alsharif
    IT Architect
    Infrastructure | Backup |
    Security & Network
  • Christoph Angerer
    Senior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Backup | Monitoring
  • Nick Ay
    Trainee IT Systemintegration
  • Florian Below
    Financial Controller
  • Frank Bischoff
    Key Account Manager
  • Yunnis Bouharoual
    Working Student
    Service Desk
  • Nina Burkard
  • Marc Busch
    Key Account Manager
  • Simon Calabrese
    Senior 2nd Level IT Engineer
  • Marco Capitano
    Junior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Service Desk
  • Charles
    Feel Good Manager
  • Patrick Dierkes
    Trainee IT Systemintegration
  • Peter Dumitsch
    Board Member
    Sales | Marketing
  • Johanna Ehses
    Employer Branding Specialist
  • Eric Eichelbaum
    Senior Key Account Manager
  • Michael Fischer
    Support Quality Manager
    Service Desk
  • Sarina Gebhardt
    HR Generalist
  • Jan Glebe
    Trainee IT Systemintegration
  • Torben Hansen
    Senior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    DATEV | Infrastructure
  • Jan Haugut
    Software Developer
  • Simon Haus
    Junior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Service Desk
  • Nadine Heckmann
    Financial Accountant
  • Ghennet Hess
    Financial Accountant and Administration
  • Maximilian Imhof
    Trainee IT Systemintegration
  • Mickael Johannes
    Junior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Service Desk
  • Micha Juhnke
    Senior 3rd Level IT Engineer
  • Thorsten Klug
    DATEV Sales Consultant
  • Christian Kremer
    IT Architect
  • Friedrich Kynast
    Junior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Service Desk
  • Julian Köhler
    Junior 3rd Level IT Engineer
  • Harry Luley
    Junior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Service Desk
  • Sascha Müller
    Procurement Specialist
  • Sven Neumann
    Business Director | Authorized Signatory
  • Maria Nussberger
    HR Manager
  • Michael Okos
    Procurement Specialist
  • Rebecca Paul
    Office Manager
  • Daniel Petkovic
    Junior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Service Desk
  • Christian Pries
    IT Projectmanager
  • Andreas Rehm
    IT Architect
    Infrastructure | Backup |
    Security & Network
  • Thomas Sawade
    Senior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    DATEV | Infrastructure
  • Mike Schmidt
    Senior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Infrastructure | Backup
  • Paul Schmidt
    Senior 2nd Level IT Engineer
  • Christopher Schoinas
    Senior 2nd Level IT Engineer
  • Manfred Schulz
    Senior 3rd Level IT Engineer
    Infrastructure | Security & Network
  • Daniel Schwarz
    Board Member
    HR | Innovation
  • Robert Schöttl
    Senior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Infrastructure | Security & Network
  • Jean-Marie Skoruppa
    Senior 3rd Level IT Engineer
    Backup | Documentation
  • Stefan Smiljanic
    Principal Engineer
  • Janik Sohn
  • Samuel Stockhammer
    Junior 2nd Level IT Engineer
    Service Desk
  • Nils Teichert
    Working Student
    Service Desk
  • Denis Tingle
    Procurement Specialist
  • Thorsten Uhl
    Senior Procurement Specialist | Authorized Signatory
  • Katarina Vrzal
    Office Manager
  • Peter Vrzal
    Strategic Operations Director
  • Tim Weisbecker
    Trainee IT Systemintegration
  • Tobias Welte
    Software Developer
  • Timo Werninghaus
    Trainee IT Systemintegration
  • Steffen Wipfler
    Teamleader Senior 2nd Level | Trainee Supervisor
    Backup | Monitoring |
    Security & Network

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They know what they are doing.

Because we have partnered with the leading technology manufacturers, we can implement your specific requirements in the best possible way and offer you the perfect IT solution for your needs. In order to keep meeting these standards, we continuously certify our team members and make sure they are up on the latest leading IT technologies. That makes us an expert partner for your digital transformation.


Here is ours.

our heart has belonged to IT.
    • SBIT is founded

      In the summer, Daniel Schwarz and Jens Volkmer establish small business IT Solution GmbH in Frankfurt. From their office on Kennedy Allee, the IT experts pursue their goal of providing small and medium-sized enterprises with comprehensive IT support – in a reliable, honest and custom-tailored way, so that SBIT’s customers can focus on their core competencies. The best evidence that our conceptual vision was a success? Our first two customers, who are still working with us! And by the way, for anyone who might remember: that was the same year Nokia put the 9210 Communicator on the market. This is what “smartphones” looked like in 2000.

    • We hire our first employee. SBIT = 3 people

      This is what a Blackberry looked like back then. Groundbreaking, and a huge market success. But then came a product that would change the entire course of mobile-phone development for good: the first iPhone.

    • The move – blazing a trail

      The team now consists of six people; a new facility is needed, and one is found on Hanauer Landstraße. “Expansion” and “further development” are now the most important concepts.

    • Conversion to SBIT AG and opening of the Munich location

      When Peter Dumitsch joins the company, small business solution GmbH is renamed SBIT AG – our customers had coined the term SBIT years earlier. The Executive Board now consists of three shareholders.

    • Berlin, Berlin

      The national customer base is growing. In order to support our customers on site, we expand our locations and open an SBIT office in Berlin.

    • Virtual desktops

      A new technology takes off: virtual desktops. As the new VMware Enterprise partner, we establish ourselves solidly in the German server and desktop virtualization market.

    • The best views in Düsseldorf

      An SBIT office is opened in the trendy Düsseldorf neighborhood of Medienhafen, right on the Rhine River. A total of 24 SBIT employees, along with locations all over Germany, provide a healthy basis for our growth trajectory.

    • Lucky 16

      It’s our 16th birthday! If we were in the United States, we would be allowed to drive a car, and we would officially be considered young adults. But at 16, we already feel like part of the old guard, although we still maintain our youthful curiosity, passion and ambition, and we never lose sight of our goals. With 55 colleagues, we are now a proven, experienced team that enjoys shaping the future for its customers.

    • The future is calling

      Desktop virtualization, which was once practically revolutionary, is now a standard offering at SBIT. But standard is not good enough for us. We are looking for new technologies and customizable responses. With our partner VMware, Inc. and the WorkspaceOne product, we are working to develop a platform that uses integrated identity and application management to create a modern, highly available digital workspace for our customers’ employees. This IT solution is specifically intended for the medium-sized companies that have been entrusting their infrastructure and data to SBIT AG for years already, but no longer want to run their own servers. We are pleased to be working with our customers and writing the next chapter of SBIT’s history!

    • That´s IT, SBIT


Our business is a people business. Our customers put a great deal of trust in us, so we want to make sure there are familiar faces helping you every time. Our locations are distributed evenly throughout Germany, which means there is one not far from you. From our offices in Frankfurt/ Offenbach, Munich and Berlin, our experienced IT team is currently supporting more than 100 medium-sized customers – with personal conversations and a dedicated customer team, quickly and above all reliably.

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