Come join us.

No other sector is as fast-paced, and reinvents itself in such short cycles, as information technology. As a result, we are all in a constant state of transformation. The things we learn today about on-premise infrastructures could be obsolete tomorrow. The market is a moving target, and we need “great people” who are interested in these developments and in our customers’ business processes. We are looking for employees who think IT is the most exciting thing in the world, who are always interested in new things, who are committed to driving in-house developments both small and large, and who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others.

If that describes you, you’ve come to the right place. Our benefits give you an idea of how important our team is to us:


  • Homeoffice

    Home Sweet Homeoffice.
    Work is not a place, it is what you do. Regardless of which department you work in.

  • Technical equipment

    iOS or Android fan? Simply choose your favourite yourself.

  • Daily sickness allowance

    We want you to have no losses even if you are ill.

  • Transit tickets

    You don't have to worry about the cost of public transport - we'll cover it for you!

  • Jobbike

    Whether you want to run on muscle or electric power, we will help you buy your dream bike.

  • Employee gifts

    We don't just offer gifts for birthdays. From anniversaries and internal award ceremonies to easter, summer, christmas packages and much more.

  • Training

    When you work for us, you’re happy to hit the books – we make sure you are always up to date on the technology. With individual training and internal learning platforms.

  • SBIT Academy

    Back to school – from pupil to teacher. At our in-house Academy, you can show your colleagues what you know – and of course vice versa.

  • Socialising

    IT'ers are only gambling? True - but not alone! From poker to Mario Kart and after-work beer rounds, it's all here. Socialising and variety are very important to us!

Fly with us.

Do you want to be part of a highly innovative young company? To finally work at a company where you can still help shape things, where all the processes are not already routine and set in stone? At SBIT AG, there is room for your ideas; you are both supported and challenged, and you will work with an open-minded, committed team. We don’t just work for one customer, one company or one IT infrastructure, but for more than 100 companies all over Germany. If that sounds like an appealing challenge, you should definitely get in touch with us. Please send your informative application to

We are always looking for “great people” – at the moment, the following position is vacant:

Aim high.

Vocational training at SBIT AG.

The phrase “aim high” applies to us 100%, because we have also been investing in the future of our personnel for more than 16 years by providing training opportunities. Our first trainee, in 2001, was none other than our current CEO Daniel Schwarz.

SBIT wants to make sure our trainees feel at home right from the first day of their training, and can be confident that they will develop and be appreciated. We take every opportunity to show them small considerations, like covering the cost of public transportation and providing a smartphone for particularly good work performance.

From the start, we invest in a long-term collaboration with our trainees. We do not have a “trainee office” or any other kind of differentiation. We are a team that is shaped by each and every employee. We integrate trainees fully into the regular workday – for customer projects as well as for support and in-house tasks.

Our trainers – Steffen Wipfler in Frankfurt/ Offenbach and Manfred Schulz in Berlin – are always ready to listen to questions or problems from our (currently) seven trainees. Naturally, the entire SBIT team is also happy to give the trainees advice and help. We think long-term, and we give our young workers comprehensive insight into our work. That helps strengthen the next generation of experts and consultants for medium-sized German companies.

We are pleased to welcome a wide range of personalities who love working in our specialized areas!


  • Exam preparation

    An additional benefit especially for our trainees is that we cover the costs of exam preparation!

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